Easy to use, Basic Free PT Templates : Simple-White-Black

Easy to use, Releasing Basic Powerpoint Template

It's a simple, modern-looking template with a calm point color.
Most of assets can be edited directly. Just type and make a good design!
If you cannot modify some objects or background assets, go to [Slide Master]
(To open Slide Master view, on the View tab, select Slide Master:)




Font Installation

This template is using 'Spoqa Han Sans '

Designs from ADSTORE is basically using 'Free fonts'
but, please recheck the license before use.
If the font is not installed, the slide may not be output properly.


  • it was created in OFFICE 365, there may be some slight deviations from the previous version.
  • Basic text and photos can be modified directly from the body.
  • Detailed modifications, such as background changes, can be made in the master slide.
  • The colors used can be found at the bottom of the color palette.

Hello, I'm free-lance PT designer from Seoul!
If you like the material, please subscribe to our Facebook page. (KR)

Please reply a comment for any questions,
especially related to the modification or design :)

It's a free public PT Template, so you're basically free to modify it.
However, It's not allowed to Redistribution or Resale

Please identify this references for commercial use. 
: <Designed by ADSTOREPOST.COM>

if you want to work with us, Please contact with e-mail or SNS,

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